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Regional Curate's Responses

Lisa & John's responses - 10 Points of Guidance

1.Seeking to reduce energy use in all our buildings and moving from oil/gas to electricity where possible Charge response: We plan to double glaze more of our windows to reduce heat loss in the winter
2.Implementing renewable energy solutions such as heat pumps and solar power on our property Charge response: We live in a tenement so the options will need to be discussed with fellow inhabitants
3.Using less polluting forms of transport, moving to electric or hybrid cars, car sharing, wherever possible walking or cycling Charge response: Try to walk on more short journeys and return to public transport use when COVID abates.
4.Developing wildlife conservation schemes in our land Charge response: Our allotment is bee friendly!
5.Using Fair Trade, environment-and animal-friendly products wherever possible Charge response: We will endeavour to make greater use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.
6.Reducing waste by composting and recycling as much of it as possible Charge response: We compost all uncooked vegetable waste on our allotment and regularly add to the council’s recycling bins!
7.Reducing paper usage (and then only using recycled paper) Charge response: A lot of notes are made on the back of used paper, while we will set ourselves a target of amount of paper used per month.
8.Using online meetings often, but balanced with our need for human contact and Christian fellowship Charge response: Our initial response to all requests for meetings that would involve significant travel will now be, ‘Can it be over Zoom?’.
9.Disseminating information on good practice, and seeking expert advice, practical help, and funding possibilities Charge response: Will be liaising with fellow tenement householders about obtaining advice and funding on appropriate renewable energy solutions.
10.Promoting sustainability through our preaching, liturgy and teaching, and setting a good example Charge response: Lisa will seek to make links in her preaching between the theme of Creation and the practical steps that people can take to respond to the climate crisis.
Our dedicated Vestry Climate Advocate is : John & Lisa
Other points/comments: Response: This will develop over the years
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