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Climate Crisis engagement

General Synod 2021: Church in Society Committee's

Action plan on Climate Change
to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030

Making a diocesan response

Response sheets WORD, PDF, ODT fill your form in and send it in for inclusion on this website.
Responses are welcomed from, children, individual adults, huseholds, families and groups.
These may be updated as the years of the coming decade advance and our ability to engage changes.

Let me begin with the closing paragraph of Donald Bruce's speech to the General Synod.

“Secular environmentalists can get very gloomy. But we have a Saviour. We are people of the resurrection who have begun to know the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. We urge you to join in this task of caring for Christ’s creation, as people who share Paul’s ‘hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God’. Brothers and sisters in that redeemed family will you join in and play your part in that liberation today and in the coming months?”

When we are asked to engage with issues that are huge, will cost us money, involve changing the way we do things, and challenge the way we are living, it is natural to argue against any ideas which might bring the change that is really needed. Some of us live in eco-disastrous houses and work in eco-unfriendly buildings. None of that matters for us to begin - we are starting a journey towards the goals of 2030. We don’t know the way and we don’t know how our entire political and cultural horizons may shift over the coming decade. The Province have asked us as a Diocese to engage with this matter at all levels. In the Diocesan Office we shall be considering what can be done in response to the 10 Points of Guidance, in our work the Bishop and Dean and other Diocesan staff will be responding too, and making a plan for our engagement with the issues. At the Regional and Charge levels we are asking for responses too, and in individual Charges you may like to ask members to work on their own, individual, household or family responses as members of the wider community and as faithful pilgrims in the Scottish Episcopal Church.

from the Rector - 30 June 2021

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