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Rector's Responses

Reuben & Stephen's responses - 10 Points of Guidance

1.Seeking to reduce energy use in all our buildings and moving from oil/gas to electricity where possible Response: August 2021 we are aware that our gas boiler will need replacing in the coming decade and this issue will be addressed at that time when new technologies for home heating are developed and marketed.
2.Implementing renewable energy solutions such as heat pumps and solar power on our property Response: We have initiated a survey of our house to see if it would be possible to install solar panels on our roof and on the roof of the garage. We hope to hear back from the companies we have made enquiries with during the next few months. August 2021
3.Using less polluting forms of transport, moving to electric or hybrid cars, car sharing, wherever possible walking or cycling Response: At the mopment we dont have the financial reources to purchase electric or hybrid cars. This will happen as the political climate alters and even as the SEC may provide assistance to clergy in getting electric cars. I am also concerned about suitable charging points at each Church to further facilitate this.
4.Developing wildlife conservation schemes in our land Response: Our garden is small but we are looking at a couple of bird boxes and also a few bug hotels for the coming year. August 2021
5.Using Fair Trade, environment-and animal-friendly products wherever possible Response: We use a lot of Fairtrade products already but we are aware that more of the animal-friendly products could be used for cleaning. We have changed from shower gel to soap to help save on plastic usage. August 2021
6.Reducing waste by composting and recycling as much of it as possible Response: We recycle widely at the moment and are planning to get a coompost bin for the end of the garden when the appropriate space has been cleared out for it. AUgust 2021
7.Reducing paper usage (and then only using recycled paper) Response: Reuben has been using thiner paper to use less paper, but the cost of recycled paper is an issue for the Vestries consideration in the coming months. August 2021
8.Using online meetings often, but balanced with our need for human contact and Christian fellowship Response: Reuben is working witht eh Vestries and his colleagues to develop a plan to have more on-line meetings than face-to-face ones. This will be reviewed annually. August 2021
9.Disseminating information on good practice, and seeking expert advice, practical help, and funding possibilities Response: Reuben is trying to help this happen in the diocese. August 2021
10.Promoting sustainability through our preaching, liturgy and teaching, and setting a good example Response: This is being planned for the Autumn and also by the development of this set of webpages. August 2021
Our dedicated Vestry Climate Advocate is : George
Other points/comments: Response: Our house has a lot of insulation and we are wondering about solar panels to help in capturing the energy which pours down on us from the sun. Cost is the main issue really at the moment.
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