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Welcome to OoF in 2021 - a place where we can keep our faith together as we are at home and as we gather in church online and in our buildings.
For each of the OoF leaflets you receive there will be the opportunity to share your reflections and creativity here on our website as well as on our FaceBook pages. Sharing the faith together we grow in our understand of God and each other. Any images and words you send in will be put onto the pages here so that we can all share together in OoFing in the times of challenge during the 2020 COVID pandemic when we are not able to meet in person face to face and keep our faith in the ways we have done in years gone by. Pleas do join in.
New Year 2021
NEW YEAR 2021 - January 2021
As the new year is upon us it is time to reflect on how we are going to keep custody of our hours this year so as not to allow them to run through our fingers unnoticed and un-used. The gift of time can be used to revive us spiritually and mentally as well as enable us to play and enjoy life. All these things are needed for our well being and a little bit of time spent with our diary will work wonders in helping us to ensure that we have a good and Godly balance for the year ahead. How have you been getting on?
New Year 2021
About the Jesus Prayer from the OoF for New Year
New Year's Day: the leaflet talked about the Jesus prayer. It is good to share the Old St Paul's material on this from John Mcluckie. There is an introductory video you can look at using the link below.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner

Do you ever say the Jesus prayer or are you interested to try it? The tradition of repetition to build a more meditative state and open oneself to God in silence has a long tradition. The Rector of Old St Paul's in Edinburgh, Rev'd John Mcluckie, has produced an introductory video about the Jesus prayer which you can see at
And you can also join in praying the prayer with him on Thursdays at 5pm.

Let us know how you get on!
New Year
From:- Lisa
Using the monthly view in my new diary I have marked the structure of the month in prayer and reflection. Green - office said in community (Mondays and Fridays our online office, Compline and residentials - Scottish Episcopal Institute Community). Red - spiritual direction (monthly). Brown - Ignatian reflection morning with Hurtado Jesuit centre usually 3rd Sat of month). Blue 0ofs - Epiphany and Candlemas. I've also put in Sunday worship and feast days from the lectionary- on these I sometimes join St Bride's on Zoom for Prayer Book Daily Office. I say Morning and Evening Prayer myself daily. Note: a day of prayer which I try to do monthly not yet diaried because of too many deadlines in January- warning sign?! Evelyn Underhill, the great Anglican retreat director said that prayer was the only essential thing for a priest. But unless it is in the diary it is all too easy to let it slip!
New Year - New Year

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We are churches of all sorts of families and households. There are people who come to church alone, with friends, with partners, wives, husbands.....and their dog. The Scottish Episcopal Church welcomes people of all sexualities, discovering who we are is a life-long process for all of us. Both of the churches in this United Benefice welcome LGBT people, their friends and partners. We have worked hard at being a safe space for people to come and discover the depth of their faith, to feed on the jewels of the scriptures and feast on the sacraments. Same-sex couples can be married in both churches too. Come and join us with your household to find out more about belonging in the Scottish Episcopal Church - you are welcome!
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