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Reading the Acts of the Apostles - recorded by the people of Renfrew and Johnstone Charges 2020

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ACTS in 2020

Our season of Easter has always been a time when we read the New Testament book of the Acts of the Apostles, which was written by St Luke. In it he writes about the beginnings of the church - its trials and tribulations as well as its encounters with the Risen Jesus. It is the book which gives up some first hand record of the Early Church's experience of its own growth and development. It is a book of stories which seem in many way quite strange to us at times, and other stories which have plagued all the generations. Stories of power grabbing, secrecy revealed, complete surprises and heart touched acts of faith in the new way God had chosen to show himself to the disciples. It is a book of inclusion and equity as people outside the Jewish faith are welcomed into the life of the church as the disciples began to grasp what God was doing and how they were to reach out to the entire world. It is a book for the Easter Season and it reminds us of our mission in our generation here in 2020.
Acts of the Apostles
For our lockdown of 2020 I have decided to offer us the chance to tell that story of the Acts of the Apostles by making a recording if us in the Johnstone & Renfrew Charges reading the chapters - 28 voices from across our churches. The finished recording will be added to our website and I shall endeavour to make a video version with images to tell the story as it goes along.

We need 28 volunteers to read a chapter each - it takes about 3-5mins to read a chapter out loud so that is all the committment needed.
we will record the chapters in the way that is best for the reader: either by Voice Recorder, Whatsapp, iPad/Tablet or on the telephone.
When I have all the recordings I'll edit them all together to give a complete recording of the Acts of the Apostles by us here in Johnstone & Renfrew Charges in our Lockdown in 2020, all ready for Pentecsost Sunday at the end of May.

If you would like to join in please let me - Reuben - know which chapter you would like to read.
Below is a list of the volunteers so.........
The Acts of the Apostles reading project 2020
NRSV version which can be found here
Chapter Reader
1 hereGill St Johns
2 hereDavid P St Margarets
3 here Moira St Margarets
4 hereDavid R St Johns
5 here Pat W St Margarets
6 here Alan F St Margarets
7 here Jane T St Margarets
8 here Liz F St Margarets
9 hereDavid F St Johns
10 here Pat W St Margarets
11 here Judith St Margarets
12 here Sue G St Margarets
13 here John M St Margarets
14 here Olive St Johns
15 here Jamie St Johns
16 hereAnn St Johns
17 hereAnn L St Johns
18 hereAnn L St Johns
19 hereReuben
20 hereKay St Johns
21 here Andy D St Johns
22 here Reuben
23 herePaul St Margarets
24 here Doreen St Margarets
25 here Andy D St Johns
26 here Gill St Johns
27 hereDavid P St Margarets
28 here Reuben

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