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A Tribute to Alex Bruce - a beloved member of St Margarets
5 November 1946 - 7 February 2021

It is hard when our friends die before us and we have to process all that they meant to us, as we remember all that we shared with them. This page brings together some of the materials used at Alex's Funeral on Friday 19 February 2021 in St Margaret's Church, Renfrew. Alex had been the life and soul of many a social gathering at St Margarets and his warmth and generosity will be missed. His productions of soup were voluminous, in the hall and as he made deliveries to so many; along with little offerings of cakes, biscuits and other goodies. Throughtout the lockdown of 2020 Alex would come to church, either St Johns or St Margarets, as he was able to. We at St Margarets miss a fellow pilgrim, a brother in the Lord, a friend. These small offerings acknowledge the huge part that Alex was in the life of so many people and the friendship and support he offered freely.
A photo Tribute
Can you see yourself in this montage of images put together and used throughout Alex's Funeral Service?
You can download a file of these images here (pdf)

The service was led by the Very Rev Reuben James Preston - Rector of St Johns Johnstone & St Margarets Renfrew
The Eulogy offered by Teeny
Alexander Stirling Bruce was born on the 5th November 1946 to Mary & Alex Bruce, in Paisley; second of five children. He attended Abercorn Primary and then Paisley Grammar before heading to Strathclyde University to study Pharmacy; graduating in 1972.
It was in 1968 that Alex met the love of his life, Moira Galbraith and after romancing & wooing her for six full years, Alex & Moira were finally married in 1974. They moved to Kilwinning when Alex became manager of a Boots Pharmacy in Prestwick, before moving onto the heady heights of Saltcoats. In 1977, Alex became a father to his daughter Claire. And in the following year, the opportunity arose for Alex to become a partner, and eventually owner, of a small pharmacy, in Halfway Cambuslang; he worked here until 2003 when they sold the business.
The family moved from Kilwinning to Inchinnan in 1978, and was completed the following year by the arrival of Michael towards the end of 1979.
Alex will be remembered as a kind, caring and generous man. Traits he showed from early childhood as he willingly shared his single bed with not one but two of his siblings – although his motives were not entirely selfless…apparently he loved the warmth provided by his sibling-shaped hot water bottles so much he was loathed to give them up!
Alex cared deeply for those he shared his life with, and was always happy to open the door and prepare a seat at the table for anybody. Waifs & strays were so warmly welcomed that they rarely left! And I include myself in this particular category.
A Christmas rarely passed without someone being taken in by Alex & Moira; with food & presents shared and being made to truly feel at home. His generosity was boundless and Alex emulated the Christian spirit of kindness and love, always giving to those in need and making sure everyone was cared for in one way or another.
Alex was the life and soul of the party; regaling friends & family with hilarious stories lavishly embellished for effect. If you believed everything Alex said, and I did for a bit!, your heart broke for the poor wee shoeless Paisley boy who was sent out to sell spent matches! With his sharp mind & quick wit Alex always had an answer for everything, much to the frustrations of his loved ones, as Claire & Michael will tell you of spending a boring Wednesday afternoon not playing in the new forest, which obviously was closed for the half day; thus allowing Alex to sit with his feet up and enjoy his favourite tipple; a massive G & T!
Alex’s faith was an incredibly important part of his life; and the church was where he met many of his life-long friends. Whether he was sharing food, or singing & dancing his heart out on the stage (with a certain red flag) during a living rendition of Les Mis, Alex’s joy & zest for a life well lived was contagious to those around him.
Friends fondly remember Alex’s commitment to fun as he turned up to a murder mystery party, in a full Sheikh’s outfit after waving regally to all and sundry in Paisley. His love of fun has left all who knew him with many happy fond memories. As a well-travelled man, Alex liked to work hard but play harder – enjoying luxury cruises around the world, throwing extravagant dinner parties and living a life that he never thought he would have achieved. I’m told that one particular highlight was Alex and company sampling every single variety of champagne on a Mediterranean cruise!
Alex’s heart continued to grow in love & compassion for others as he embraced a busy retirement making up gifts of hanging baskets in his messy greenhouse, which was built for him by his little brother on the proviso that Alex kept it tidy…well, that didn’t work too well did it? But the greenhouse was well used and the tomatoes & cucumbers it produced under the loving care of Alex, was that to rival any others, and his love of gifting his famous hanging baskets meant that the doors & gardens of his friends were full of vibrant colourful flowers that brought so much joy.
Not content with his generous gardening as a hobby during retirement, Alex took it upon himself to get to know more of his neighbours in his community & beyond, by serving in the Thursday club café; and more recently, becoming a one-man soup kitchen to his dear friends & daughter.
The loss of Alex has been felt deeply by so many people, across the nations and beyond. His memories will fill our hearts with love & joy. And if we could sum up Alexander Stirling Bruce’s life in one sentence, it would read along the lines of “Love the Lord and others; work hard, play harder and always be kind & generous”.
The music we heard at Alex's funeral was as follows - there are some links to versions on YouTube you may like to follow
On entry :J.S. Bach_ Jesu, joy of man's desiring
Bring Him Home (From Les Miserables)
The Folks Who Live On The Hill by Peggy Lee

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