How to contact me:-

The best way to contact me is by email first of all. Then we can arrange to have a telephone, or Zoom/Skype, conversation and arrange meeting in person to facilitate your requirements.

Email me

I conduct Spiritual Direction sessions face to face or by Zoom/Skype if meeting is difficult.  During COVID10 all meetings are using online tools. Sessions last about 50mins.

Payment is on a sliding scale of £1 per £1k of income e.g. £20k a year inclome is £20 per session, £25k a year income is £25 per session, £50k a year income is £50per session etc.  This to ensure access to all of spiritual direction accoring to their needs and also enables costs and ongoing professional development to be engaged with.

Payment can be made by paypal through all the usual cards.  Invoices can be issued as necessary and receipts are always issued.

An initial meeting is free to establish if we are able to work together and also to allow you and I to establish the needs you are wanting to bring to sessions.  A review would take place after 6 months and then after 12 months and then by further discussion.

It is usual to meet (online) each 4-6 weeks depending upon circumstances.