St John the Evangelist Church, Floors Street, Johnstone PA5 8QS
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The Scottish Episcopal Church - United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway

Welcome to St John the Evangelist Church

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East end of St Johns Church Johnstone

Renovation Works Update 2023

The 2019-2022 Renovation Works ahve been completed in January 2023. The Service of Thanksgiving is on Sunday 19 February at 3pm - all are welcome to come and see the work that has been acheived.
A baptistry in the South transept
a Prayer Chapel in the North transept
an accessible toilet and baby changing facility
a refreshments Bar
LED lighting throughout the building
new effiecient gas boiler
An internal small meeting room - called St Johns Room
complete redecoration and re carpetting throughout
a new Flower preparation vestry
a renewed Clergy Vestry

Phase 2 - Renovation of the Stained Glass Windows

We are planning the renovation of the stained glass windows from Easter 2023 onwards as funding becomes available at a cost of approx £60,000. Any donations will be accepted towards this work.

Phase 3 - Renovation or replacement of the Organ

The Vestry are exploring in the first half of 2023 whther to replace the current organ with an electronic replacement from Gourock. Further investigations are necessary before making this decision.

Development Work begins 2022

The work starts on Monday 25 April 2022 for approx 12 weeks. We anticipate the church will be open for Sunday and Wednesday worship - but please check this on a week by week basis as we deal with the saftey of the site as each service approaches.

After final approvals from the Diocesan Property Committee and the Vestry the application for a building Warrant has been submitted and the building works are due to begin at the start of March 2022. There is much preparation to take place inside the church and much clearing out as well.
As the Vestry and church members prepare for the work and the upheaval that will take place please pray for the safe and successful completion of the works.
Our building contractory is Gary Flemming and our architect is Rebecca Cadie

Lord Jesus Christ,
as you came to bring new life and hope to the world in the Christchild,
we pray for the safe completion of the building work in 2022.
Grant us grace to cope with the upheaval,
and vision to see you at work in these changes and developments.
We pray too for the vestry members as they contemplate the next phase of work,
the restoration of the stained glass windows.
And as we look to the final third phase of work the restoration of the organ.
We pray that we might find funds to help these works progress,
and we pray for new people to join the life of your Church
here at St Johns Johnstone. We pray in Jesus name, our light and our hope. Amen.

Development Work 2019-2020

There is much that needs to be done to restore St Johns Church building to its fullest beauty. For many years the Vestry has been trying to keep ministry and mission going with buildings that were inadequate for the needs of 21st century. In 2018 the Vestry sold the old Rectory and the funds are being used to repair and upgrade the church building itself for our mission and outreach. We are working with the architect and the diocesan authorities along with the various historical bodies to make St Johns Church building a fit place for worship and ministry during the coming decades. There is much planning and discussion about the sorts of renovations required and the Vestry is dedicated to the best options we can acheive to help us look ahead and grow the life, minstry and mission of the church over the coming years.

Of your charity please pray for this work which is often hidden from view, time consuming and frustrating. We are delighted to have some very dedicated Vestry members who are doing their utmost to further the mission of Christ Jesus in this place.

Thanks be to God

Daily Prayer in the Scottish Episcopal Church is an important part of our spiritual life and can be followed here