St John the Evangelist's Church, Floors Street, Johnstone PA5 8QS
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The Scottish Episcopal Church - United Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway

Welcome to St John the Evangelist Church

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Ministry at St Johns Church Johnstone
We are a living Church of people on their journey through this life with the guidance and comapnionship of the Holy Spirit.

The ministry of St Johns covers all aspect of our life, living and dying.

We have a small Sunday School and a dedicated team of Pastoral visitors.

Congregation members read in church on Sundays as well as leading our intercessions.
We have a team of Eucharistic Assistants who are licensed for the distribution of Holy Communion and a Vestry of members who are currently working hard on the plans and preparations for the renovations to the church building.

The image to the left lists some of the different ways the ministry of St John's can assist you in your spiritual journey in the Christian faith.

Please do feel free to contact the Rector to ask about any of these ministries.

Nationally the SEC has a series of booklets on issues of contemporary interest in relation to our Christian faith.
The 12 essays are as follows:-
1. Sketches towards a Theology of Science - here
2. Theology and the Power of the Image - here
3. The Inter-Faith Encounter - here
4. The Shape of Our Church: An Essay in Descriptive Ecclesiology - here
5. On Salvation - here
6. Thinking the Nicene Creed: Death and Resurrection – New Life in Christ - here
7. Thinking the Nicene Creed: Incarnation - here
8. Marriage and Human Intimacy: Perspectives on same-sex relationships and the life of the church - here
9. The Art of Dying Well - here
10.The Church and Scottish Identity - here
11.Towards an Integration of Science and Theology? - here
12.Prayer and Spirituality - here
A study guide - here

For further details see the National website page

Daily Prayer in the Scottish Episcopal Church is an important part of our spiritual life and can be followed here